This type of long song is preserved in Bayanzurkh, Ulaan-Uul and Renchinlkhumbe soums of Khuvsgul province. The Darkhat melody and school of Mongolian long song has inner differences, where  the Darkhat long songs in Bayanzurkh has a similar melody to the gegelgen long songs of Khotgoid, while the other from Renchinlkhumbe soum have shorter scale melodies similar to the calls of Tsaatan (Reindeer) people and the melody from Ulaan-Uul is relatively independent.

To compare the Darkhat long song of Ulaan-Uul to that of Renchinlkhumbe, it has less steep and sudden ‘leaps’ with broader range and rich composition, which becomes the distinction from other Darkhat songs.

The long song of Renchinlkhumbe differs from those of Bayanzurkh and Ulaan-Uul, since it has been under the influence of forest calls of reindeer people since ancient times, which are obviously observed from their melody and techniques.  

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