Alashan (Alxa) long song  consists of the subgroups of Torgut, Khoshuud, Khalkha and Khööbör (Khööbör – descendants of Tsagadai – Chagatai) long songs. the long songs of Torgut and Khoshuud are quite similar to the long song of Oirat Mongols, while the Khööbör long song melody reflects intonation of eastern Turks since they are the only Mongols following the Islam. However, the Khööbör long song principle possesses the basic principle of Khalkha and Oirat long songs.

Alashan Khalkhas used to have the tradition of ‘Twelve Aizam’ and ‘Thirty Two Shasdir’ Long Songs like other Khalkhas, but they have only a few left in their repertoire with most part forgotten. The melody of Alashan Khalkha long song has been ‘shrunken’ and the techniques of ‘dan (singular) and davkhar (double) ‘shurankhai’ (An octave leap to reach the highest pitch in falsetto) are being blurred, which is observed clearly while listening. Indeed, this type of long song is a part of the current western provincial melody and school of Khalkha.

The long songs of ‘Altai and Khangai’ and ‘Zuny zuslan’ (Summering camp) have been preserved in Khööbör melody and school. Alashans have an abundant repertoire of long song heritage, where the main part of Alashan Torgut, Khoshuud long song heritage is the Shasdir songs.

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