This type of long song consists dominantly of traditional long song heritage of Barga and Buryats. The Barga people have an abundant tradition of ‘Aidon’ long song.

Barga long song melody features an abridged form. Its singing school and techniques are smooth and melodious in vocal middle range, featuring tiny few vibrative beats. In general, the long song melodies and singing school of Barga and Buryat are quite similar, yet the singing proficiency of Barga have reached a much higher level.

Buryats used to name their ritual long songs as ‘Aidon’ and Shasdir song in the past. Yet, they have now the types of ‘Uutsyn duu’, ‘Behelgeen duu’ and ‘Nirgelee duu’ songs as a tradition.   

Buryat long song melody is similar to that of Barga, yet the singing technique has less laryngeal vibrative beats. The Barga and Buryat long songs have a similar characteristics to the intonation and vibrative beats of Olkhonuud and Borjigin of Khalkha, which might be related to their very old historical bonds.

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