Bayanbaraat melody, style and technique have been spread and preserved in the central part of the territory of former Tusheet Khan county of Khalkha – present Deren soum of Dundgobi province to the southwest from Mungunmorit soum of Tuv province and from Erdenedalai and Adaatsag soums of Dundgobi to Dashinchilen soum of Bulgan province to the northwest..     

Bayanbaraat melody and school is an independent style of Mongolian long song and it was developed by sourcing from Buddhist art of singing such as Shasdir and Gűr songs. Therefore, the Bayanbaraat long song comprises Buddhist religious incantation recitation, melody and glottal soft tones produced as a result of meditation in addition to other long song techniques of ‘tsokhilgo’ (melisma made by tightening the deep chest cavity breath with strong push from diaphragm muscle, melisma such as ‘khugalaa’ (lit. ‘breaking’) and ‘nugalaa’ (lit. ‘bending’) , singular and double ‘shurankhai’ (An octave leap to reach the highest pitch in falsetto); laryngeal and pharyngeal phonation-‘egshig tomolt’ (lit. ‘vowel twisting’ – usage of different vowels in tone shifting). If one obtains all these excellent skills of long song singing, one is proficient to sing Bayanbaraat style long song.

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