Barga people live in community in Khulunbuir soum in Dornod province, The Barga people who migrated to Mongolia from Inner Mongolia, China in 1940s due to social causes have inhabited in the basin of Kherlen river for seasonal pastures of spring, summer and autumn. Their long song heritage has been almost faded to extinct. Therefore, the characteristics of Barga melody in Kherlen has been more faded in comparison to Barga long song in Hulunbuir of Inner Mongolia. Briefly to say, it’s in the danger of extinction in the same way as Buryat and Tuva long songs in northern Mongolia. 

It can be considered that there is no young generatioon to transmit this heritage. The main representative of this long-melodied song is Dariim Sevjin of Yunshuubuu clan (b 1956). In her childhood, there were many prominent singers such as Darikhi, Khorloo, Chuluun, Dambyn Adiya etc. They used to sing the long-melodied sons of ‘Mogoi shinjiin orogshuun’ (historical song), ‘Khuurkhun Khaliun’ (Fine Buckskin [horse]), ‘Uzuur jirgee’, ‘Shiree Nuur’, ‘Manatyn Khundii’ (Manat Valley) as well as short-scale fast-tempo songs of ‘Naiman Tuurga’, ‘Sartai shunu’ and ‘Altay Khangain Davaa’, all of which are inherited to S.Dariim.

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