This type of long song is preserved in the Agha area in the basins of Baikal Lake. This melody is sung in the upper vocal range of the singer though with less distant leap but with much echoing, which reminds the features of long songs in high mountainous region. It also contains many features similar to ‘gegelgen’ (emotional) and ‘shavshaa’ long songs of Khotgoid, Darkhat and Eljigin Khalkhas. Its technique features abundant laryngeal vibrative beats and melisma and connects two sentences through the movement of ‘bunjignuuleh’ (lit. ‘moving back and forth’ between two tones), demonstrating the singing proficiency and techniques of Mongolian long song singer. In the past, the Buryats used to have types of Shasdir long song in addition to ‘Aidon’ long song, yet it was forgotten and the abundant heritage of the latter has been degrading gradually coming to the risk of extinction.

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