This type is quite similar to the Shiliin Gol style with dominant mandibular vibration melisma such as ‘nugalaa’ (lit. ‘bending’). In the past, the aizam long songs of ‘Uvgun Shuvuu’ (The Old Man and the Birdand ‘Joroon Joroo’ (Ambling Ambler) and ‘Er Bor Khartsaga’ (Male Brown Hawk) were sung in Dariganga melody and school, yet now only stories are left.

It’s worth to mention that Dariganga people are renowned not only by their long song style, but also by calls and melodies for livestock husbandry. Dariganga long song features a blend of Khalkha, Shiliin Gol and Oirat long song melodies because the origin of Dariganga cultural features sourced from several Mongol ethnicities during end of 17th century to early 18th century due to historical migration and interrelations. The Dariganga long song melody and school comprises many characteristics of Khalkha long song.

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