Aizam long song

The words of ‘Aizam’, ‘Aizan’, ‘Aidam’ and ‘Aidon’ are the same terminology in Mongolian long song. Historically, it was originated from the calls of Mongolian ancient worship and belief of shamanism as a result of the development of vocalization, speaking organs and language of proto-Mongols. Briefly, it’s the traditional term to signify the original form of indigenous Mongolian long song; and it was formed as a song – a musical offering to the rites related to the nature and daily life. The Khalkha ethnic group and its subgroups name their long song related to the rites of statehood, wedding and feast as ‘Ai+zam’, sometimes as ‘Ai+zan‘ until present, while the Oirat Mongols pronounce it as ‘Ai+dam’. Buryats and Barga Mongols name this kid of song as ‘Ai+don’, which unfortunately has been forgotten since early 20th century. The long songs named as ‘Ai’ has been developed in correlation to the numeric symbolism of 12 and 13.

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