Statehood long song

Each of Mongol ethnic groups has their own repertoire “Statehood long song” selected from ritual aizam long song, Shasdir long song, Gűr long song and Tsooryn long songs. The Statehood long song keeps the numeric symbolism of 3, 4, 5, or 9 etc. For instance, there are ‘Three long songs of Statehood’ of Sartuul, ‘Four long songs of Statehood’ of Borjigin, ‘Four long songs of Statehood’ of Tsakhar, ‘Five long songs of Statehood’ of Ordos and ‘Five long songs of Statehood’ of  Deed Mongols etc.. The Statehood long song is a ceremonial song that is sung as a call toward the Tengri (Welkin) during the statehood rites, ceremonial activities and feasts of honor. For example, the leading song of the Statehood long songs of Alashan Khoshuud is the song ‘Ursiin Duu’ (Song of Offspring), which was exalted as a leading song in Alasha by Khoshuuds, the direct descendants of Qasar, brother of Chinggis Khaan. They all the song ‘Unu urgun Alasha’ (Eternal Vast Alasha’) as the grand song of Statehood.

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