Tseer (Taboo) Song

This type of long song, sometimes called as a life-themed long song comprises the long songs of taboo that have no ritual background and are forbidden to sing  in any environment of rites, both statehood and religion. It’s called as ‘Songs of homeland and livestock husbandry’ or simply ‘Songs on Mounted horses’ by Deed Mongols in Kokonor (Blue Lake), ‘besreg’ or ‘shavshaa’ songs by Eljigin Khalkhas and ‘Gegelgen’ songs by Khotgoid Mongols. Each local ethnic group has an abundant heritage of Taboo songs. For instance, dozens of well-known long songs that we know, including ‘Khuren tolgoin suuder’ (Shadow of Brown Hills) and ‘Erdene zasgiin unaga’ (Foal of Erdene Governor) are taboo songs. It has no ‘turleg’, a refrain that is sung by chorus. To explain briefly, ‘Turleg’ is a specific melody between the stanzas of the song lyric or the melody that follows the final sentence of the long song sung in chorus by all the people or attendees at the ceremonial rite as an expression of honor, veneration and symbolism.

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