This type of long song is preserved in the Sayan mountain range in southeastern Siberia, Tagna Mountain and Tesiin River basin. The Tuvans used to have a tradition of Aizam and Shasdir long songs like the other Mongol ethnicities, which is only left in the archive. The aizam long song of 'Zeergenetiin shil' and Shasdir long song of 'Olom ni ugui Dalai' (Girthless Ocean) were among the heritage of Tuvan long song, yet their melody and technique were changed into shorter scale in 1970s and were forgotten and lost soon after. Now, they have a long song heritage with Mongolian melody, style and technique, yet sung in Tuva-Turkic language. Its melody is very similar to that of Bayad subgroup of Oirat Mongol long song group, and it consists of mainly three sentences. The singing technique and method possess powerful laryngeal beats and 'dan (singular) 'shurankhai' (An octave leap to reach the highest pitch in falsetto) in the same manner as other long song schools. In the early and mid 20th century, there were quite many Tuva-Mongolian long song singers, but now they are a few in number


I.Goshgondoi, Tuva
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