“Mongolian long song” project aimed to develop and launch a Mobile application and a website on Mongolian long song in Mongolian and English language. The detailed information on every long song style and school of Mongol ethnicities are based on the results of the long song studies conducted by M.Dorjdagva, long song singer and long song researcher of the International Institute for the Study of Nomadic Civilizations established by the initiation of UNESCO under Mongolian Academy of Sciences.

It is the initial tangible outcome of the initiative to introduce the long song study in an easiest, most distributable and accessible way for free of charge just a click away  to anyone, both Mongolian and foreign, who are interested in discovering and learning more about Mongolian long song.

Excluding the 'stage' form of Mongolian long song that has been formed and popularized since 1950s, there are many diverse forms, styles and schools that have been inherited for thousands of years for generation. However, this precious intangible cultural heritage has faced the danger of extinction in this modern world. That's why the project team, in cooperation with the funder and implementers, joined our initiative and forces to deliver you the local styles of each Mongol ethnic groups, their melody variants, singing techniques and proficiency, school and techniques in a brief, yet interesting way together with audio samples.



"Birvaa Foundation"


"Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation"


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