Mongolian Statehood Long Song is an album of 9 Mongolian aizam ("grand") long songs that were performed, recorded and released by M.Dorjdagva, long song singer and long song researcher; and B.Battulga, Morin khuur musician. This album is one-of-its-kind for the they could accomplish the restoration of Mongolian 'aizam' (grand) long song in full-length with complete lyrics and original melody in diverse traditional singing style and schools. Each song, sung in authentic Mongolian singing techniques was restored on the basis of their research of a dozen years and was directly recorded in accompaniment of authentic traditional Morin khuur with leather-board and horse-hair strings. The album features 9 grand songs with a duration of 25-35 minutes, including

Ertnii saikhan ("Ancient Splendid")

Tumen Ekh ("Myriad's Leader")

Khuur Magnai ("Fiddle Leader"), 

Durtmal saikhan ("Iridescent Splendid")

Kherlengiin baraa ("Sight of Kherulen River"), 

Ikh Zambuutiviin naran ("Sun of Great Jambudvipa"), 

Asaryn undur ("Heavenly Noble"), 

Erkhem tur ("Statehood of Excellence") and 

Enkh mendiin bayar ("Celebration of Welfare")

This album, enclosed in sandalwood-case, was presented to the Treasure Fund of Mongolian National Cultural Heritage Center and was exalted officially in the Museum of Statehood History located at the Government House of Mongolia. It's also available on YouTube under the title “Mongolian Statehood Long Song”.

'Khuur Magnai' / Fiddle Leader

The Sun of Great Jambudvipa

'Erkhem Tur' / Statehood of Excellence

'Ertnii Saikhan' / Ancient Splendid

'Kherlengiin Bariya' / Sight of Kherlen River

'Enkh Mendiin Bayar' / Celebration of Welfare

'Durtmal Saikhan' / 'Iridescent Splendid' aizam long song

'Tumen Ekh' / Myriad's Leader

'Asaryn Undur' / 'Heavenly Noble' aizam long song

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